Rick James Trivia
07/23/18 4:39 pm
It’s time for a lil' Rick James TRIVIA! What country did Rick James start his career?  MORE >>
George Clinton
07/20/18 6:46 am
"Clinton was one of the heaviest cats in the history of R&B. He had the balls to wear diapers onstage and dye his hair every color in the rainbow!" - Rick James  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/18/18 12:28 pm
“People like Bob Dylan, Sly & The Family Stone, and The Beatles are responsible for my lyrical feeling. I feel that I have to say something in a song and that it's not just enough to lay down the music." - Rick James   MORE >>
Garden of Love
07/16/18 7:44 pm
“The songs I wrote reflected my relaxation. Instead of my usual nine or ten songs, I recorded only six. Motown insisted I give them more material. I refused. I wanted this record to be sparse, not crowded.” - RJ on GARDEN OF LOVE, released 37 years ago today.  MORE >>
Happy Birthday to Rick’s daughter, Ty James!
07/13/18 2:41 pm
“When our angel girl, Ty, was born, I was over the moon. I danced with joy. The first thing I wanted to do was show Mom her granddaughter... I can still see the joy in my mother’s eyes as she saw Ty for the first time." - Rick James  MORE >>
Ty James
07/11/18 9:28 am
"[My dad] worked so hard for what he believed in. He was very passionate about his craft and it shows. He left us with something to live on and words to live by, so it makes me feel good all over." - Ty James  MORE >>
Win a copy of "Glow"!
07/09/18 9:04 am
"Any hack can make a lost weekend enthralling, James and Ritz can make the history of ‘Super Freak's’ four-note descending bass line as intriguing as a pipe-filled motel-room breakdown.” - Rolling Stone on GLOW, released exactly 4 years ago today!  MORE >>
07/06/18 12:07 pm
"For the album cover, I had my designer custom sew a flowery suit and cape with matching wide-brimmed hat. With a wink to Prince, the basic color of the cover was purple." - Rick on creating the cover art for WONDERFUL, which dropped on this day in '88.  MORE >>
07/04/18 9:08 am
"I'm free to be me. Till the end of time. I say what's on my mind, baby." - Rick James, "Free to Be Me"  MORE >>
The Message
07/02/18 11:15 am
"‘The Message’ is one of my favorite rap songs of all time. Sugarhill Gang, and all that kind of stuff. I was really into it in the '80s." - RJ on “The Message" by Grandmaster Flash, which dropped on this day in 1982.  MORE >>

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